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Get on the Rollllllllll Train and set it free!

Could you use some more JOY in your life?  What if it also came with great people, fitness, and some soul?  Do you remember ROLLER SKATING???


Roll Train is a roller dance class for exercise and FUN! We teach beginner through advanced levels, from people who have never had wheels on their feet to those who are ready for choreographed routines. Not only will this workout give you fierce abs, glutes and legs, it will bring a JOY to your life like nothing else. Roller dance is an art form, an expression of individuality as unique as each skater, but at the same time it is a unifying force among the many different people who all have one thing in common – a pure love for skating. Anywhere you go in this country, or the world, you will find “skate family” who welcome you to their wood, concrete, or cement to enjoy a session of unapologetic bliss with strangers who you suddenly feel know you better than your actual family. That’s because you are united with others who feel the same sense of freedom and release every time a groove starts their wheels turning. The exercise is real, and the skate love is pure magic! Roller dance didn’t die with disco, its alive and well and we want you to experience it, all while getting in fantastic shape. Whether you are a derby girl or someone who has never had wheels on their feet, this can be your happy place. It’s a great workout, a way to forget about anything that’s bothering you for an hour or more, a place to be with like-minded joy-seekers, a way to let music fill up your soul and make your wheels flow, a way to express yourself creatively even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body. We promise, you do. You might have just needed 8 wheels to feel it!

We teach proper form/posture, balance, weight shifting, and basic moves, then move on to transitions, combinations and routines all while jamming to great, soulful, inspiring music. No skates? No problem. We have rentals, just tell us your size and we’ll get you set to go for class! Our hope is to keep classes together so you can roll with your sk8 family weekly and eventually add in your own routines! No one is left behind as we will build our levels and repeat classes around our students for maximum learning and experience. We can promise fun, a great workout, and some truly happy moments. 

Roller skating will make you physically stronger than you ever imagined but more than that, you’ll feel this roll in your soul …you may never NOT want wheels on your feet again. Get your groove on and get fit in the process – see you in class!


Experienced, Patient Teachers Who Want To Share Their Love for Skating with YOU!


Ellen Fine, Owner/Founder/Instructor

aka Luna Trick, Lunaverse, hoping hand signals will soon replace screetchy voice, hugs out of character unless on skates!

The founder of Roll Train, Ellen Fine, skated as a kid but only…forwards.  She hung out at the rinks in the 80s with the rest of her middle school classmates, but definitely sat out for backwards and couples specials!  Always the introverted adventurer, in the 90s she learned roller blading in Venice Beach and then moved to New York City where she whooshed around with the bike messengers and her Sony Walkman. Skating over the Brooklyn Bridge and through the World Trade Center are some experiences she'll never forget.
Ellen didn't get back on quad skates until starting roller derby in 2012, after a chance meeting with a member of the Brewcity Bruisers in Milwaukee. She played for both the Shevil Knevils and the Crazy 8s under the derby name Luna Trick before retiring in 2017. 
But when she started going to Butler Skateland to improve agility for derby and work on her individual skating skills...MAGIC.  From that rink she found a whole new skate life that seemed to wrap up her love of music and rolling with fond memories of childhood into a joy bundle that nearly exploded every time she hit the floor…there were so many new steps to learn and an obsessive passion was born!  The rhythm skaters she was fortunate enough to meet there were smoother than silk on the floor and had a love for skating so pure you could see it on their faces.  She came back week after week, just watching in awe, until some kind souls took her in and taught her how to backward skate, middle skate, JB skate, and wall skate.  It took time but she was hooked, and is eternally grateful to the Milwaukee Sk8 Family for taking her in.  It is out of deep respect and love that she hopes to pay it forward by teaching others what she learned and hoping they, too, experience the life-affirming joy that skating can be.
Ellen has travelled to Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, and even Paris, France to skate – new music, new skate styles, and so. much. love. among skaters everywhere in the country and the world.  Ellen plans to roll in as many more cities and countries as she can before the wheels fall off, so to speak.  It is hardly a life that was planned, but now is one she could never live without.
Recently Ellen also picked up vert skating and hopes to continue that as well.  Catching air on a half-pipe and learning from some phenomenal skateboarders are truly awesome experiences! Everyone who rolls seems to share the same passion for the drive, work, and love we can see in each other.  But her true love is rhythm skating and Roll Train is the dream that came from that.  Happier on wheels than anywhere else, Ellen thanks everyone for supporting this venture designed to BRING THE JOY and make getting in shape just a small part of what you truly gain.


Terrence Clarke, Instructor/Creative Developer

aka Twest, Smooth Groove, Needs a Microphone, and Challenges You To Do MORE!

Terrence is a veteran skater of more than 40 years.  Along with teaching Kung Fu, skating is one of his biggest passions and has had an impact on many parts of his life, including buying clothes (have to be able to skate in them!), where he takes his vacation and so much more.
Terrence started skating at 16 years old, at many of the older skate rinks in Milwaukee that are now gone – Johnson’s Skate Rink, Wisconsin Skate University, and The Palace, to name a few. It was an incredible escape from the issues of daily life, a fantastic activity that meant so much to him and others. Once the rinks all shut down, he figured his skating days were over. It wasn’t until he was in his  mid 30’s that the opportunity to skate again came about, at Waukesha Skateland. It was like starting all over again and everything had to be relearned.  But seeing some of the old school skaters again kept him motivated.  That and traveling to Chicago to see some of the best skaters on the planet, and it has been a fun and creative journey ever since. Although there are many different styles of skating, Terrence’s preference and true love is JB Style skating which originated in Chicago and incorporates a lot of footwork, stunts and stepping to a groove.
Terrence’s skate life has had its ups, downs and breaks in between, but now at almost 54 years of age, it still feels really good to be on wheels. Skating not only contributes to his active lifestyle, he enjoys the many social and creative aspects that make it more fun than being at a gym any day.  Roll Train is extremely fortunate to have Terrence’s experience, passion, and phenomenal skill set to inspire and help others discover their own skate paths!

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