Class Descriptions

Choose the right class for you!  EVERYONE CAN SKATE. PROMISE.

No skates? No problem!

Rentals are included in Intro and Beginner Classes, if you need them.  

After you sign up, message with your name and size.  Be sure to include a phone number should we need to reach you prior to class!  We  also SELL SKATES when you are ready to buy.  Always get your skates FROM SKATERS!


Intro Class

Time to let go of the chair/wall

This series is for those who have never been on skates or it has been so long they can't remember how to stand without holding onto something.  It's OK! You CAN learn to skate!  Those just starting out should take 2 or 3 of these classes.  They are designed specifically for those without much skating experience to get comfortable with wheels on their feet.  The idea is to take away the "skate jitters" and achieve a comfortable balance before trying to pick up your feet for dance moves. It's for anyone who feels unsteady or hesitant, because more time on wheels is all it takes.  You will learn all the basics: how to fall safely, how to stand/skating posture, how to roll forward and backward, and how to stop!  All without holding on to anything.  The classes have a slower pace and are limited to 5 or 6 people to make sure everyone achieves a good comfort level. If you feel pretty good after either class, beginner classes are the hour afterward so you can sign up for that day and keep skating!


Beginner Class

You can skate, now find your groove!

Beginner class is where we start learning basic skate dance moves.  If you can already roller skate around a rink, this is the class for you.  We will focus on weight shifting, stepping and rolling to a beat in unison, rolling backwards, mastering the grapevine, which is essential before moving on to advanced class, and confidently transitioning from one move to another in preparation for longer routines.



Groove Found! Achievment unlocked! Give me mooooooore!

Intermediate/Advanced class focucuses on more advanced grapevine work, JB steps, faster transitions, more challenging footwork and longer routines/combinations.  This class will also get you ready to be part of our public performance group, if you choose!  You should be able to do the heel-toe shuffle, forwards and backwards glides, one to three count grapevines, and turns (180 and 360) prior to taking this class.  These classes may also include crazy legs, more advanced toe and heel work, spins, and drops. Clinics with experienced skaters from Milwaukee and around the country will also be offered on the schedule, and you will get the most out of these if you are at this level (but some clinics will be held for beginner skaters specifically, as well!).  On average, new skaters spend about 1 to 2 months in beginner class before moving to this one.  But if you can already skate dance, get in here!!

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